Mourinho assesses Pogba’s performances in the World Cup!


Jose Mourinho assesses Paul Pogba’s performances for France in the World Cup!

Mourinho gave his verdict on Pogback.

It seems that there have been months since the World Cup has ended, yet there are just days since France won it against Croatia.

A very important win for France, who celebrated their second World Cup win. Despite losing, it was a historic achievement for Croatia.

It has to be said that it was a dubious victory for France, but they still scored more goals than Croatia and won the cup.

Pogba was one of France’s heroes and now Mourinho has given his verdict on the player he coaches at United.

Speaking at Manchester United’s first press conference, Mourinho had this to say.

“I hope that he understands why he was very good. I think that’s the point about his performance level and his contribution to a winning team – for him to understand why he was so good, especially in the second part of the competition.

“In the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final he was absolutely brilliant.

“The future for Pogba in the French national team, among that fantastic group of players, can only be brilliant.”

So, Mourinho didn’t think that Pogba was good in the early part of the competition, but was great in the latter stages.

“I hope he understands why he was very good!”

Mourinho does have a point there, but he forgets that Pogba helping France score that winner against Australia. That goal was crucial, as it was the start of France’s successful World Cup campaign.

Anyway, Mourinho also gave a warning to Pogba, as he expects similar performances (from the second part of the World Cup) from the young Frenchman at United.

France really does have a brilliant future ahead of them, but it’s hard to say if Pogba will improve for United.

Better yet, if Mourinho will be able to bring the most out of Pogba, like Deschamps did.

Given that Premier League will start in about a month, we’ll see soon enough how this World Cup win effect Pogba at United.

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