Ibrahimovic thinks that LAFC stadium is too small for him!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took a shot at Los Angeles FC and their stadium, after his second El Trafico match!

Ibrahimovic with his classical banter.

Los Angeles FC and LA Galaxy played their second El Trafico this season and like the first, it had plenty of interesting moments.

Again, LA Glaxy made a comeback, but unlike with the first match, they couldn’t make a complete comeback.

LAFC was leading 2-0, but Galaxy came back for a 2-2 draw.

Zlatan was sensational in the first match, but wasn’t that good in this match. Frankly, his biggest highlight was when Blessing made a fool out of him.

Still, Zlatan was his classical self when there was post match interview. Among other things, he also criticized LAFC’s stadium.

“To be honest, this stadium is too small for me. I am used to play in front of 80,000 (people) and when 80,000 whistle to you, than you go on your toes and you start to do real work. When 20,000 whistle at you, it’s like I’m doing a training.”

Classical interview from Zlatan, who managed to poke fun at LAFC and also big himself up.

“When 20,000 whistle at you, its like doing a training!”

Obviously, MLS isn’t on Zlatan’s standard, at least not yet. Still, the league has made a huge leap in recent decade.

There are more and more teams in MLS, while ratings are going up. There’s a big chance that MLS will become a top football league in the next couple of decades.

As for Ibrahimovic, he has had a very positive start to his MLS career. He has already scored 12 goals in 16 appearances, which is not bad at all.

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