Griezmann hits back at Courtois ahead of World Cup final!


Antoine Griezmann has decided to hit back at Thibaut Courtois at the press conference ahead of France World Cup final with Croatia!

Griezmann decided to take a swipe at Courtois.

As you know France and Croatia are going to play their World Cup final on Sunday, while Belgium will play their 3rd place match against England on Saturday.

France beat Belgium with a defensive football, which is something Belgium’s keeper (Courtois) didn’t like. He criticized France’s game and thought Belgium should have gotten through.

Well, Griezmann has decided to hit back at Griezmann in his press conference.

“Thibaut Courtois, he played at Atletico, he was a Spanish champion. With Chelsea, does he believe he is playing the football of Barcelona?

“I don’t care how (we play). I want a second star to be on this shirt, and if I have the star, I do not care about the game we have done.

“We thought we needed to be a solid block, hard to beat. It is improved over time. We know that we can be offensive at any moment, but the defense remains our base.”

A funny swipe from Griezmann, who exposed Courtois double standards.

“With Chelsea, does he blieve he is playing the football of Barcelona?”

Chelsea has won most of their modern trophies through tough defense and not some great attacking team play. That kind of style was also crucial for France in this World Cup.

This might be the main difference between the France from 2016 and this one now. They played a lot more open in that EURO and lost in the end, but they have learned from that defeat.

They are the most stable side in this World Cup and they have the biggest chance of winning the World Cup.

Still, anything can happen in the final as Croatia has rode their luck through penalties and their semi-final win over England.

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