Cuadrado gives his opinion about Ronaldo getting number 7 shirt!


Juan Cuadrado has given his opinion about Cristiano Ronaldo getting his number 7 shirt, after a shocking transfer from Real Madrid!

Juan Cuadrado got different numbers.

One of the most shocking football transfers in this decade, happened just a couple of days ago.

Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Juventus after decided that he wasn’t “appreciated” at Real, anymore.

The transfer, that was strangely made by Ronaldo himself, sent shock waves through football and everything else.

Juve’s stock price went up 20%, while some FIAT workers decided to stage a strike, due to the money spent on Portuguese super star.

There was another “victim” to Ronaldo’s transfer and that was Juan Cuadrado.

Juan Cuadrado came to Juventus from Chelsea, and has since established himself as the key player for Juventus.

Cuadrado wore Juve’s number 7 before, but has now been demoted to number 16. Cuadrado has given his opinion in a Twitter post in which he holds Ronaldo’s jersey.

”It is more blessed to give than to receive. Blessing Cristiano Ronaldo in this new adventure.”

So, apparently Colombian didn’t mind at all losing his number, but its hard to say based on one Twitter post.

The fact is that Ronaldo is going to earn about 10 times what he earns and there’s even a chance that Ronaldo will take Cuadrado’s place in the team.

Losing the number might be just the start of the end of Cuadrado’s career at Juventus.

We’ll see what happens, but Cuadrado has become a lot less important to Juventus, than he was just weeks ago.

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