Brian Laudrup with crucial transfer news about Hazard and Real!

Brian Laudrup

Brian Laudrup has comically given away a crucial transfer news about Eden Hazard and Real Madrid!

Brian Laudrup has spoken.

As you know, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to quit Real Madrid for Juventus.

The move will officially happen on Monday, while Real is in search for a new “Galactico”.

There are many options, but it seems that they already picked their player.

He is rumored to be Eden Hazard, who will play World Cup match for a 3rd place finish latter today.

As reported in Goal, Brian Laudrup had this to say about the potential transfer of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid.

“I spoke to Eden Hazard a few days ago, he is preparing for a move to Real Madrid and it is a good move both for him and for Real. He again proved in Russia, just how good he is.”

These seems vital information, that has basically confirmed that Eden Hazard is going to leave Chelsea for Real Madrid.

“He is preparing for a move to Real Madrid.”

It does seem that the timing is right for Hazard, as Chelsea has another new manager and new playing ideas. At the same time, Real has lost their key player and are in need of a fresh face.

There is still a question of price to agree between the clubs and it might be huge.

Hazard is 27 years old, while Juventus signed 33-year old Cristiano Ronaldo for €105 million. You can expect Hazard to cost (probably) double of that amount.

Unlike the past when Chelsea had to splash the cash, they are finally going to get splashed with cash. An interesting turn for Chelsea, who will than have to replace Hazard.

It looks like this transfer of Ronaldo to Juventus will have huge effect in the market and will create some “big” changes in the top clubs.

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