Video: Should Harry Kane got a penalty vs Tunisia!

Harry Kane

Harry Kane appeared to be brought down in Tunisia’s penalty area, before England got a fantastic chance to score!

Harry Kane scored one goal, but should also got one penalty.

Its 1-1 between Tunisia and England, as England took the lead, while Tunisia made a comeback

Raheem Sterling made a bad miss and so did John Stones.

England should be winning this 3-0, but instead they found themselves in a 1-1 draw. You could say that England is lacking in luck.

Just before John Stones made that horrible miss kick, Kane was brought down in the penalty area. It was quite clear foul, but referee ignored it, along with VAR.

Given how Tunisia got a penalty, referee could have easily given it as a foul, but nothing happened. The match continued and Kane was left a bit unhappy.

Still, there is plenty of time in this match for England to get a win. They are dominant, and all they need is a bit of luck.


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