Video: Samuel Umtiti INSANE handball vs Australia!

Samuel Umtiti

Samuel Umtiti made an INSANE handball and to give a penalty to Australia. That was truly insane!

Samuel Umtiti made the biggest blunder in this World Cup.

Its 2-1, after both Australia and France scored from the spot, while Pogba scored a “tight” goal.

Griezmann scored for France, after VAR was used. It was the right call, as one of Australia’s players really did foul Griezmann in the penalty area.

Australia, who looked weak offensively, soon scored a penalty of their own.

That penalty happened due to horrible mistake by Umtiti.

Australia whipped in a dangerous ball in France’s penalty area. For some bizarre reason Umtiti decided to handball the ball, which was going right over his head. If he would just let the ball pass, Varane would get it.

It was a horrible blunder, that didn’t make any sense.

Umtitit made a crazy reaction that is definitely the biggest blunder in this World Cup.

His mistake put Australia back on terms against France, but Pogba set things right.

He scored, after the ball barely crossed the goal-line.

To be honest, France wasn’t on par against Australia, but some luck has put the match in their favor.


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