Video: Robbie Williams gives a BIRDIE in World Cup opener!

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams managed to create a huge controversy with one strange move. Just who did Williams target with that birdie!

Robbie Williams created an early controversy in this World Cup.

Russia is winning 2-0 in a really one sided match. Its true that their star man, Alan Dzagoev, got injured, but Saudi Arabia has been really poor.

The most controversial situation happened even before the match started.

Robbie Williams had the opening song and after singing and dancing decided to give the “birdie” to the audience.

No one knows why he did it, or who was the “target” of this birdie, but it shocked just about everyone.

Frankly, this move by Williams got more people talking than the actual match between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

In any case, World Cup has started and will last for about a month. There are many favorites to win it, but Russia ain’t one, despite having Putin in the background.


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