Video: Poland coach instructs Grosicki to fake a cramp vs Japan!

Poland coach

Poland coach wanted to make a substitution and he ordered Kamil Grosicki to fake a cramp, so that he could make a substitution against Japan!

Poland coach got creative against Japan.

As you know, Japan got through to the next round of this World Cup, thanks to the fair play rule.

They received fewer yellow cards than Senegal and got through.

Japan’s last ten minutes against Poland was anything but “fair play”. They basically just passed the ball between themselves, until the end of the match.

Frankly, they should have been punished somehow, as it was totally unsporting.

Anyway, as Japan was simply passing the ball between them, there was no interruption. Poland coach Adam Nawalka wanted to make a change, so he instructed Grosicki to fake an injury.

That was also very unsporting, but you kind of understand him.

Poland made the change, while Japan brought the game to the end the way they wanted.

Senegal was Africa’s last hope in this World Cup, but they failed in what is one of the worst World Cup tournaments for African nations.


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