Video: Diego Costa CONTROVERSIAL equalizer vs Portugal!

Diego Costa

Diego Costa scored a really CONTROVERSIAL, but great goal against Portugal. Didn’t he use an elbow on Pepe?

Diego Costa scored a highly controversial, but also fantastic goal.

Its 1-1 between Portugal and Spain.

Portugal took the lead through Ronaldo’s penalty goal. It was a soft call, but the right one.

Spain didn’t took long before scoring the goal of their own.

A long ball found Diego Costa, who used his elbow to drop Pepe on the floor. He continued and somehow managed to make two turns and power the goal into Portugal’s net.

It was a brilliant solo goal that was also very controversial.

Diego Cost basically made a foul on Pepe, but referee didn’t think so. Replays showed that there was contact, while referee has something called VAR.

A very controversial decision that got Spain an important goal.

Its 1-1 and the match is totally open. Spain do look a lot stronger after their equalizer.


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