Video: Andrej Kramaric CRAZY tackle on Thiago Silva’s knee!

Andrej Kramaric

Andrej Kramaric made a CRAZY tackle on Thiago Silva’s knee. That almost seriously injured the Brazilian!

Andrej Kramaric was lucky not to be sent off for one terrible tackle.

Its still 0-0 between Brazil and Croatia, who are playing at Anfield.

Croatia has surprisingly been the better team, as Brazil kind of flopped in the first half.

Despite this, Brazil should have a player more on the pitch.

Croatia’s striker made one crazy tackle that almost seriously injured Thiago Silva.

Brazil was making its life difficult in defense by making inaccurate passes. Kramaric saw one of those passes and made a two footed tackle on the ball.

The problem was that Thiago Silva got to the ball first, while Kramaric hit the Brazilian right on the knee. Silva went down in pain and medics had to be called on to the pitch.

Kramaric got only a yellow card, while Silva could eventually continue the match.

A crazy tackle deserved a red card. Even worse is the fact that Brazil’s main defender almost got injured in a pointless match just before the World Cup.

Still, nothing too bad happened in a weird match for Brazil.


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