TOP 5 changes Unai Emery will bring to Arsenal!

Unai Emery

Unai Emery is new Arsenal manager and he is going to bring some changes to this Arsenal team!

Unai Emery had a very successful (not successful enough) season with PSG. He quit the club and Arsenal decided that he’s the right man to replace Wenger.

With every new manager there are changes, but Emery is going to be the first new manager at Arsenal, after more than 20 years.

Here are the top 5 changes Unai Emery will bring to Arsenal.


Arsene Wenger was at Arsenal for 22 years, which is in football years a real era. There were ups and downs, along with consistency the players could felt.

It was somehow a “status quo” among the players, as everyone knew just how important they are for Arsene Wenger. Their status was guaranteed (in the first team) and they could relax.

Unai Emery is a lot different in that.

First off, he isn’t planning to stay at Arsenal for more than 2 decades and he will pick the most in-form players to play.

This will most likely create a competitive atmosphere that won’t be so “lovely”, but will probably get a lot better results.


Wenger wanted to instill an attacking style of football no matter what the cost, and he didn’t want to change that under any conditions. You could say that he had an idealistic approach to football. Emery is different.

Unai Emery also instills an attacking style of football, but he is prepared to use defensive tactics for beating opposition. Emery’s style is way more pragmatic to Wenger’s style.

This was the main reason why Emery managed to win three consecutive Europa League trophies.

In a way, Wenger’s inability to win more trophies was due to him not wanting to play defensive football when it mattered and Emery is going to change that.


Arsenal defense was one of the worst aspects of Arsenal last season.

They had one of the worst away records in all of the England’s football leagues, finally getting a win in the final round of the Premier League.

Mertesacker has retired, Koscielny has suffered a long term injury, and Mustafi just hasn’t been good in this Arsenal defense.

This means that Emery will have the biggest job in Arsenal defense. He is going to change the way Arsenal defend and will definitely bring new players in defense.


Wenger made a 4-3-3 something of a standard at Arsenal. Last season he changed that formation to 3-4-3, before reverting it back to 4-3-3.

There’s a feeling that Emery is going to change that.

Given that Arsenal have one of the best attacking due in Lacazette and Aubameyang, there’s a big chance that Emery is going to revert to a classical 4-4-2 style that proved to be very successful for Arsenal in the past.


Wenger’s biggest “black spot” for Arsenal was inability to get results in the European competitions.

Arsene Wenger even managed to break the record for managing the most matches in Champions League without winning the competition.

Given Emery’s three trophies in Europa League, he will probably get some “better” results.

Arsenal will be playing in Europa League again, and this will give Emery another chance to win his fourth Europa League trophy.

Unlike Wenger, Emery will dug deep and get crucial results that might get an ultimate victory for Arsenal in Europe.


Emery will change Arsenal. He is going to change the attacking style and defensive style. He will also bring some more competitive atmosphere and different positional play. Unlike Wenger, he is also (probably) going to bring bigger success in Europe.

Given the options, arsenal made the right choice by appointing Emery, but time will tell if he’s the right option or the wrong one.

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