Thiago Silva is upset about Neymar insulting him vs Costa Rica!

Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva is the captain of the Brazil squad, but that didn’t stop Neymar hurling insults at him, during the match against Costa Rica!

Thiago Silva was upset with his teammate, Neymar.

Brazil barely beat Costa Rica, with Coutinho scoring a late goal, and Neymar scoring an even latter goal.

It was a deserved win, but Brazil really struggled against Costa Rica’s defense.

Neymar was nuts in that match. His penalty appeal was turned down by VAR, while he had bizarre confrontations with referee.

He did one lovely skill, but was otherwise wasteful and nervous.

He even insulted his own captain in one situation.

As reported in Thiago Silva (Brazil’s captian) said this about the incident.

“When I gave the ball back (to Costa Rica) he insulted me. Theoretically, he was right, because they stalled a lot, but I was very sad about that insult.”

A crazy behavior from Brazil’s super star, who is creating a lot more problems, for this Brazil’s squad, than solutions.

He is not in a good form, after being injured for so long, and Brazil suffers from it. Every Brazil action goes through him, but he isn’t performing well.

This is making Neymar mad at everyone, and that’s not helpful for Brazil.

Thanks to Coutinho, Brazil got a win and a draw. This puts them in a good position in their group.

Still, they have to beat Serbia in their last match, or they might face early elimination.

A sad prospect, but entirely possible, especially with crazy Neymar in their side.

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