Rafael van der Vaart with a FUNNY story about Cristiano Ronaldo!

Rafael van der Vaart

Rafael van der Vaart talks about a funny story about Cristiano Ronaldo and free kicks, while being at Real Madrid!

Rafael van der Vaart told a funny story about Ronaldo and free kicks.

Its been a while since van der Vaart was playing for Real Madrid. He stayed there for only two mixed seasons, after which he left for Tottenham in England.

Now days, he is playing for Midtjylland, as he is closing on the end of his professional football career.

Van der Vaart and Ronaldo were together at Real for one season in which they had a funny situation regarding free kicks.

Given that Ronaldo scored a fantastic free kick goal against Spain, van der Vaart decided to share a one funny story.

“Van der Vaart was telling Ronaldo how to do free kicks.”

“One day after training, Cristiano took 20 balls and started practicing free kicks but none went in. I took one free kick, and it went in, and I told him ‘this is the way you should do it’.

“When we were playing in the actual match, we won a free kick and Cristiano hanged it into top corner and told me, ‘this is the way I do it’.”

Van der Vaar was known to be an excellent free kick tacker, but Ronaldo sure proved his point.

Like against van der Vaart, Ronaldo scored when it mattered. His free kicks aren’t the most accurate, but when they go over the wall, they are always dangerous.

Despite Rafael van der Vaart being only two years older than Ronaldo, his career has long been in decline. The reason for that were injuries, which limited van der Vaart to only two appearances for Midtjylland last season.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, is going from strength to strength and is looking fitter, and better at free kicks, every day.

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