Osvaldo Ardiles with a scathing attack on Argentina after defeat to Croatia!

Osvaldo Aridiles

Osvaldo Ardiles “Ossie” is Argentinian legend and he went crazy when Croatia beat Argentina, to leave them on the brink of elimination.

Osvaldo Ardiles decided to use Twitter for his criticism of Argentina’s squad.

As you might remember, Ardiles won the World Cup with Argentina in 1978. He was a midfield genious that left the biggest mark, while playing for Tottenham.

Like everyone else, Ardiles was obviously upset by the poor performance Argentina has been showing in this World Cup.

Unlike others, Ardiles used Twitter to launch an angry tirade at his national football team.

He begins by saying…

“From being world champions to being the worst national team in Argentina history. Where to begin?”

Ardiles continues with his criticism of Sampaoli.

“Sampaoli: Dreadful. Finished his cycle insulting the Croatian players. Arrogant, ignorant. Despite having the best player in the world (Sampaoli) was not capable of creating a competitive team. Never the same eleven players during his tenure.

“Plan A for Sampaoli: Give the ball to Messi and wait for a miracle. If Plan A doesn’t work, Plan B. Err. There is no Plan B. Let alone C or D.”

You can’t really argue with Ardiles here, as Sampaoli clearly failed with the tactics and picking up the wrong team.

“If plan A doesn’t work, Plan B. Err. There is no Plan B!”

Ardiles was also critical of the team as a whole.

“The prestige acquired over the years, especially by the two world champion teams, was thrown overboard. To be playing outside of Argentina does not mean they are elite players. Many of them aren’t good enough in their own teams.

“Defensively: Make fouls. Wherever they can and regardless of the circumstances, or the consequences. Embarrassing is also the “bullying” by our most experienced players Mascherano and Otamendi. The incident with Rakitic. Please Otamendi, Apologise.”

Its true, Argentina showed one of the worst performances in the World Cup history. Still, the main reason is not that they wouldn’t be good enough, but due to strange tactics and not working well with each other.

Osvaldo Ardiles also mentions about the incident in which Otamendi kicked the ball at Rakitic’s face from close range. He’s definitely right there, as Otamenid should apologize.

The only one Ardiles wasn’t critical about was Messi, and he had this to say.

“All the Argentinian decline of recent times was hidden by this unrivalled genius who we are lucky was born in Argentina. But even for him it was too much at the end of the day. Leo: Many thanks for everything. And good luck in your future.”

Its true that this Argentina’s side isn’t helping Messi, but if Argentina’s wonder would score from the spot against Iceland, things would be a lot different.

Ardiles gave his opinion about this Argentina’s team and it isn’t nice. Nigeria have saved Argentina with their win, but Argentina will now have to beat Nigeria, if they will want to progress to the next round.

Something that might end up too difficult for Messi & co.!

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