Marcos Rojo explains how Messi helped him score a winner vs Nigeria!

Marcos Rojo

Marcos Rojo scored the winner against Nigeria, but that goal was in part scored due to Messi’s half-time talk!

Marcos Rojo explains why he scored the winner.

Argentina beat Nigeria 1-2 and to progress to the next round of the World Cup.

To be honest, Nigeria was lucky to be awarded that penalty, while Argentina was lucky that the penalty wasn’t awarded for Rojo’s handball.

An incredible match, as Argentina was nearly eliminated, but Rojo saved the day for Argentina.

When speaking in post-match interview, Rojo had this to say.

“Messi came up to us and told us to calm down and not be stressed. We felt nervous and that message helped us a lot and gave me personally a huge confidence-boost.

“Messi said that all of us have the duty to score so whenever we get the chance, we shoot, no matter our position… So when I saw that ball coming towards me, I kicked it in with all that I had in me and [laughs] it went in!

“Messi is our captain and he’s the best captain in the world, it was amazing to score that goal.”

Its incredible how influential Messi is to this Argentina’s squad.

“Messi is our captain and he’s the best captain in the world!”

He scored that first goal and than helped Rojo to score that crucial second goal as well.

Messi didn’t assist that goal, but he mentally helped Rojo to score and the rest is history.

A match, that’s largely going to be remembered by Maradona’s crazy antics (first and second goal celebration), has united this Argentina’s squad. Still, they are going to face France in the last 16.

All that celebration might end up short lived, as France is considered as one of the best teams of the tournament.

There’s a feeling that Argentina still lost out in this group, as they would be facing Denmark, if they finished first.

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