Javier Mascherano finally explains the situation in Argentina’s squad!

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano has finally explained the situation in Argentina’s squad after defeat to Croatia and draw against Iceland!

Javier Mascherano has finally spoken and it ain’t that bad.

Everyone was reporting about a crisis in Argentina’s squad, after that horrible defeat to Croatia.

Sampoli gave a post match interview in which he (in a way) put some blame on “Messi’s teammates”. At the same time, an excerpt from his book was found, in which he confesses about lack of planning.

There was even reports of players wanting Sampaoli out, and that Sampaoli would be sacked before the match against Nigeria.

Mascherano has finally spoken to get the record straight.

As reported in Marca, Mascherano first talked about an altercation with him and Ever Banega.

“I was accused of hitting Banega after the Copa America final and no one denied it, and nothing happened.

“Yesterday, a video comes out where someone from football accuses me of these atrocities. He is a nefarious person from Argentine football. We all know who he is. These are the myths I speak of.”

The man who is Mascherano speaking off is Ricardo Caruso Lombardi. He’s a football coach that has been highly critical of this Argentina’s side, along with Messi.

“These are the myths I speak of.”

Mascherano basically denied the whole altercation with Banega. According to Mascherano, it was all made up!

Argentinian than spoke off about Sampaoli and his potential sacking.

“The relationship with Sampaoli is totally normal. If we felt uncomfortable with him, we’d say so.

“We must look to work for the collective benefit, we are squad of 23 and the first people in charge are us, we’re responsible for the results.”

Again, Mascherano cleared all the rumors, with Sampaoli still having his position over the squad.

To be honest, it would be crazy that Sampaoli would get sacked after one poor match, but his future after the World Cup is unclear.

Mascherano also touched on Messi. He said that “he’s OK” and that he is (like everyone else) unhappy about the whole situation, but trying everything to help Argentina.

A very good interview from Mascherano, which explained the whole situation regarding Argentina’s squad.

Nothing too shocking, as Argentina is in preparation for their “final” against Nigeria. Only a win can bring them forward and that won’t be easy against a tough Nigerian side.

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