Drogba unhappy about African teams performance in this World Cup!

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba is unhappy about Africa’s teams not being able to reach the next round of this World Cup!

Didier Drogba is unhappy!

As you know, no team from Africa manged to qualify from their group in this World Cup, after Senegal got knocked out due to fair play rule.

This means that the World Cup in Russia is one of the worst for African teams. It’s the worst since 1982, which is really bad.

Didier Drogba decided to speak up for BBC sports about this negative achievement, and he wasn’t happy.

»It’s a big step back. I also think it is a chance for all the African teams and for the African Confederation maybe to reconsider the strategy and how we want to go forward.

»We need to have the consistency and the structure of the European teams and the South American teams.

»We are going to be successful one day but we need to think again how we approach these big competitions.«

Some strong words from Drogba, but he is right, African nations just didn’t progress as they should in recent years. They had a World Cup in their soil in 2010 and nothing has really changed.

African teams have the quality, but there’s a lack of consistency in big competitions. They should definitely take a long look at themselves, as African teams should do a lot more in competitions like the World Cup.

They have four years until the next World Cup, which is plenty of time to make the necessary changes and prepare their teams for glory.

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