Antoine Griezmann announces his decision in bizarre documentary!

Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann has finally made his decision regarding his future. Like no other before him, Griezmann made a 30 minute documentary that explained his decision!

Antoine Griezmann has decided to stay after plenty of drama.

A couple of days ago, Griezmann called up the press conference about his future. He didn’t say anything about his future in that conference, but he did tonight.

He made a bizarre documentary called “La Decision” which aired on Spanish TV station.

The documentary showed him talking to his family about the whole thing. He also explained how he thinks about the whole situation and gave his decision to stay at Atletico Madrid.

You probably won’t find the whole documentary on the net, but who cares. The fact is that Griezmann will stay and that’s it.

Now, a normal person would probably gave a tweet saying that he wants to stay and that’s it, but not Griezmann.

No, he went LeBron James way, and showed that he has enormous ego.

A really pointless way to make a decision that won’t get Griezmann any new fans.

“Grizemann will stay at Atletico!”

After getting painted in black and becoming embroiled in “racist” controversy, Girezmann is again complicating things where he shouldn’t.

Barcelona was interested in him, but frankly didn’t need him. They have plenty of firepower in attack, and Griezmann would only complicate things.

In a way, there was never really a doubt in him staying at Atletico, at least this season.

Still, this might end as the last season for Griezmann at Atletico. There are simply too many big clubs out there, with plenty of money.

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