Andres Guardado attacks Neymar ahead of the World Cup match!

Andres Guardado

Andres Guardado has decided to “attack” Neymar ahead of the World Cup match between Brazil and Mexico!

Andres Guardado is unhappy with Neymar.

As you know, Brazil and Mexico will soon face off in the last 16 of this World Cup.

Mexico surprised everyone and managed to qualify from a difficult group and knocked out Germany along the way.

After a shocking defeat to Sweden, it was clear that Mexico would face Brazil. A very bad draw for Mexico, especially given the fact that Mexico has often been knocked out in this part of the competition.

That’s also one of the reasons why Andres Guardado decided to attack Neymar in his press conference.

“We all know who Neymar is, but it isn’t up to me or my team to judge him, but the referees and FIFA.

“Now there’s VAR they need to watch his style and know how to manage it.

“We know he likes to exaggerate fouls, throw himself on the ground a lot, but that’s his style of play and the person who needs to stop that is the referee, not us.”

Strong, but accurate words from Guardado. Neymar really does overact and dive too much, and VAR should fix that.

“We know he likes to exaggerate fouls.”

A couple of yellow cards, and Neymar is going to end up on his feet instead of dropping to the floor.

Still, Neymar is one of the most fouled football players, as his style of play is based on his individual skills.

This is also something VAR should fix and punish those who target Neymar more harshly.

Anyway, Brazil is soon going to play against Mexico and anything but a win for Brazil would be a big surprise.

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