Video: Steven Naismith escapes with INTENTIONAL stomp on Brown!

Steven Naismith

Hearts’ Steven Naismith escapes with appalling INTENTIONAL stomp on Scott Brown’s nuts. Naismith didn’t even get a yellow card for this horror foul on Celtic’s captain!

Steven Naismith made one of the worst possible fouls and didn’t even get a yellow card.

Its 1-2 for Celtic, who are playing against Hearts.

Its a deserved lead for Celtic, but they should have a player MORE on the pitch.

Steven Naismith, who is famous for his “dirty” fouls, made a truly shocking stomp on Scott Brown.

They were both going for the ball and Brown managed to get there first with a sliding tackle. For some reason, Naismith decided to put his foot in and landed right on Brown’s manhood.

It was incredibly dangerous that could have seriously injury Brown, but Naismith didn’t even get a yellow card.

A really shocking decision, that’s probably one of the worst this season.

Despite this “injustice”, Celtic is still leading and closing in on another victory in a very successful season.


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