Video: Sergio Ramos penalty MISS, as he hits crossbar vs Sevilla!

Sergio Ramos

Real’s Sergio Ramos decided to take the penalty kick against his former club, Sevilla. He took the shot, MISSED the goal and only hit the crossbar!

Sergio Ramos mad a bad miss, as Sevilla leads.

Its 2-0 for Sevilla, who are surprisingly leading against a reserve Real’s side.

There’s no Ronaldo, Bale, Isco, Modric and who knows who.

That’s why its not really surprising that Real Madrid is losing to Sevilla.

Anyway, the highlight of this match was Sergio Ramos’ missed penalty.

As you probably know, Sergio Ramos is former Sevilla player.

For some reason, he decided to take the penalty, which was awarded to Real in the second half.

He took a powerful shot that only hit the crossbar. Sevilla’s fans celebrated, while former Sevilla’s player dropped his head in shame.

Given that Real is playing with reserves, they don’t really care about this match. Real will have one of the worst seasons in La Liga, while Ramos made his former team a bit more happy.


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