Video: Jordi Alba grabbed Luka Modric by his THROAT during El Clasico!

Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba went mental as he grabbed Luka Modric by his THROAT during ill-tempered El Clasico. It looked as though Barca’s left back tried to choke Real’s midfield maestro!

Jordi Alba made one shocking move, for which he didn’t even got a yellow card.

It was a crazy El Clasico match, that had plenty of controversies.

They were created mainly due to referee losing control of the match and going from a mistake to mistake.

Bale should have been sent off, but wasn’t. Real should have had a penalty, but weren’t. Ramos should also seen eventual red card, but also didn’t. Even Messi should be sent off, but referee messed that up too.

The first controversial moment in this match happened, when Jordi Alba made a crazy choke move on Modric. It’s hard to understand why Alba did that, but he should have seen at least a yellow card.

Well, he didn’t get anything, as referee probably lost the match in that exact moment.

Despite referee’s short comings, it was still a very entertaining match that had four goals.

Real probably deserved a win, but Barca still somehow managed to get a draw, that will probably leave them unbeatable this season.


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