Video: Gareth Bale escapes with intentional STOMP on Umtiti!

Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale escapes with intentional stomp on Samuel Umtiti during Barcelona vs Real Madrid. Bale should got a direct red card for this madness!

Gareth Bale was lucky not to get sent off against Barca.

Its 2-1 for Barcelona, who took the lead through a really controversial goal by Messi (foul from Suarez).

Barcelona was reduced to 10 men late in the first half. It was a deserved red card, but there was another similar incident just minutes before.

Gareth Bale was trying to get to a ball, but Umtiti got there before him. Bale got really frustrated and decided to stomp Umtiti’s foot.

It was a clear and intentional stomp, but somehow everyone missed the incident. It was a big mistake from the ref, who is having a difficult job in this match.

Roberto was sent off for a punch on Marcelo and Bale should have seen red for a stomp on Umtiti.

Bale got lucky and Roberto didn’t. Still, Barcelona are in the lead and looking very strong.


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