Video: Ter Stegen stunning save, after mistake vs Roma!

ter stegen

Watch as Ter Stegen makes a stunning save, after he made a huge mistake against Roma in a Champions League match!

Ter Stegen made one big mistake, but than made one even bigger save.

As you know by now, Barca beat Roma 4-1 in a very one sided match. Well, most of Barca’s matches are one sided, but that’s how they won so many matches.

Anyway, Roma scored two own goals, while Pique and Suarez finished the job. Dzeko did pull one back for Roma, but that’s a mere consolation.

One of the best moments of the match was when Stegen made a save, after a huge blunder.

Barca’s keeper was there trying to dribble and eventually lost the ball to Roma’s players. Well, the ball eventually went to one of Roma’s player that had an open goal before him. He took the shot, but Stegen made a fantastic recovery to save the goal.

A brilliant save, that shouldn’t have happened in the first place, but still.

Barca deservedly won and are all but qualified to the semi-finale of the Champions League.


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