Video: Sebastian Giovinco gets horribly punched vs Chivas!

Sebastian Giovinco

Watch as Sebastian Giovinco gets horribly punched against Chivas Guadalajara in CONCACAF Champions League finale!

Sebastian Giovinco looked to be the key player, but Chivas still won. Penalties are based on luck and luck was on Chivas’ side.

Chivas and Toronto played out a return leg of CONCACAF Champions League finale. The first match ended 1-2 for Chivas, and the second match ended 1-2 for Toronto. If you know anything about football, than you know that extra time came next.

It was still 3-3 after extra time and the only thing that left were the penalties.

Michael Bradley took his time, made some big steps, and then made a crucial miss from the spot. This gave Chivas a win after penalties.

In a way, it was a deserved win for Chivas, but it probably wouldn’t have happened.

Referee made one critical mistake, while the match was still playing. It was a bizarre mistake, as it happened right before the referee.

It looked as though Sebastian Giovinco would become the “hero” for Toronto, but instead Bardley became the “loser”.

Giovinco scored a crucial goal and suffered a critical foul. The goal was great, but more important was that foul.

He was punched by a Chivas player right in front of referee and nothing happened. It was a clear red card for Chivas player, but referee didn’t think so. Well, he didn’t think anything as he ignored the foul.

Obviously, a red card would have changed the whole thing and Toronto would have probably win this match and the tie.

Well, referee made a big mistake and Chivas won in the end. It was a big achievement for a Mexican league, while MLS team lost again.


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