Video: Radja Nainggolan stunning turn vs Liverpool!

Radja Nainggolan

Watch as Radja Nainggolan makes a stunning turn against Liverpool in a Champions League match!

Radja Nainggolan made one stunning skill in Liverpool’s win.

It looked as though Roma would get out of Liverpool with no chance to progress.

It was 5-0 at some point, but then Roma made a mini comeback.

They scored 2 goals of their own, with Dzeko and Perotti scoring the goals and changed the tie.

Now, Roma can dream again. They lost 4-1 against Barcelona and then made a home comeback. They won with a 3-0 result and they will need to make another win like that to get to the finale.

Salah dominated this match with fantastic first goal, and showed some cool skills (like this roulette). Still, Roma wasn’t all that bad te result might show.

The best skill from Roma in this match was made by Radja Nainggolan. A player who is more known by his powerful shots and defensive abilities made one great turn.

This all happened in the first half, when Liverpool was leading only 1-0. It was a cool turn from Nainggolan, which helped him to evade Jordan Henderson in the process.

To sum up, Roma has a chance to win the tie, despite losing 5-2. You can expect a great return leg in Roma.



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