Video: James Milner controversial penalty handball vs Roma!

James Milner

Watch as James Milner made a controversial penalty handball against Roma in a Champions League match!

James Milner really downgraded the win for Liverpool.

The match ended with a 5-2 win for Liverpool. Still a big win, but it looked a lot better when they were leading 5-0.

Mo Salah scored one fantastic goal, one cheeky goal, and made two lovely assists. He was man of the match, but when he left the pitch, everything changed.

Roma looked broken, but than Dzeko scored a goal. Liverpool panicked a bit and than this happened.

James Milner blocked a shot with his hand and Roma got a penalty. It wasn’t intentional and some referees might not have given it, but the fact is that the ball hit his hand.

The penalty was converted and result was dramatically changed.

Its still a very solid win for Liverpool, but Roma came back from a 4-1 loss against Barcelona.

They need the same result (3-0) to knock out Liverpool, and they can actually make that happen.

Barca is a lot tougher team than Liverpool, but they couldn’t do anything against Roma (at Roma).

Is Liverpool going to flop at Roma? Its hard to say, but Roma has enough quality to make another miracle at home.


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