Video: Alex Oxlade Chamberlain suffers bad knee injury vs Roma!

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

Watch as Alex Oxlade Chamberlain suffers a really bad knee injury against Roma in a Champions League!

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain suffered an unfortunate injury.

Its 0-0 between Liverpool and Roma.

There weren’t many chances in this match. Apart from Kolarov’s shot hitting the crossbar and Mane missing from a great chance, there wasn’t much chances.

Liverpool has taken the initiative, but they are having problems with Roma’s defense. Similar problems that Barca had.

Anyway, the worst moment in this match happened, when The Ox and Kolarov collided in a tackle.

They both made a tackle and they clashed with their knees. Ox ended up a lot worst than Kolarov, though.

He tried to shake it off, but eventually had to be carried of the pitch. This injury probably means that his season is over, which is a shame for a “reformed” Chamberlain.

Otherwise, its a very even match. You have a feeling that a single mistake might decide the winner in this tie. For now, its 0-0, but it can change in any moment.


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