Gif: Ander Herrera tried to trip Alli by holding his boot!

Ander Herrera

Watch as Ander Herrera tried to trip Dele Alli by holding his boot during an FA Cup match between Manchester United and Tottenham!

Ander Herrera scored a crucial goal, but he also did something else.

United knocked out Tottenham after goals from Alexis Sanchez and Ander Herrera.

Tottenham did took the lead, but it wasn’t enough.

This defeat means that Tottenham will go a decade without a trophy, while United is in another FA Cup finale.

Now, Herrera did something more than just score a goal. He made one hilarious trip on Dele Alli, that prevented Tottenham’s player a shot on goal.

Herrera was on the floor, and he couldn’t get up in time. Dele Alli was right next to him and Herrera decided to grab his boot. That way he prevented a chance for Tottenham.

Now despite this being funny, Herrera should have gotten at least a yellow card for this.

Referee missed the incident and United went on to win.

They will face Chelsea in the FA Cup finale, which is going to be another classical match between the two rivals.

Ander Herrera trying to trip Alli by holding his shoe!


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