Video: Jordan Ayew red card for terrible tackle vs Huddersfield!

Andre Ayew

Watch as Jordan Ayew gets a direct red card for terrible tackle against Huddersfield in a Premier League match!

Jordan Ayew made one clumsy tackle and got a direct red card.

Its still 0-0 between Huddersfield and Swansea. Its hardly an entertaining match as there weren’t many chances, despite Swansea having only 10 men on the pitch.

Jordan Ayew is the man that got sent off.

It was a very clumsy tackle by Ayew, who was trying to get to a lose ball. He tried to get the ball of a Huddersfield player and made a sliding tackle. He managed to hit Huddersfield player right into his knee, which was incredibly clumsy (and dangerous).

Referee took his time and made the right choice.

Swansea is down to 10 men, but Huddersfield just doesn’t look like scoring. Still, there’s whole of second half ahead. Huddersfield has an important advantage, but Swansea will probably park the bus.


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