Video: Jan Vertonghen has a bizarre incident with ball boy vs Bournemouth!

Jan Vertonghen

Watch as Jan Vertonghen has a really bizarre incident with a ball boy against Bournemouth in a Premier League match!

Jan Vertonghen got one strange incident as Tottenham equalized.

Its 1-1 at the moment, as Bournemouth took the lead, but Tottenham equalized. They equalized through Dele Alli, who is known as someone else than just a diver.

This match had one bizarre incident, though. It was a small incident, but still a bizarre one.

Vertonghen was trying to make a throw-in. He was there standing and waiting to get the ball. The ball boy came (with the ball) right next him and threw the ball awkwardly at Vertonghen.

It was very unsporting from the ball boy, who than got a telling off from security. Mike Dean, who is known for bizarre incidents, also wasn’t impressed.

This didn’t leave a lasting impression in this match, as Tottenham looks a lot livelier after the equalizer.

Tottenham needs a moral boost after getting knocked out against Juventus, while Bournemouth is still in danger of relegation and are in need of points. In other words, its going to be an interesting second half.


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