Video: Dani Alves stunning overhead kick shot vs Nice!

Dani Alves

Watch as Dani Alves makes a stunning overhead kick shot against Nice in Serie A match!

Dani Alves made one brilliant shot in PSG’s win.

PSG won again to make even bigger difference between themselves and everyone else in Ligue 1.

It was a deserved, but quite difficult victory for PSG, in which Nice even took the lead at the beginning of the match.

Despite Mbappe making one cool skill, Dani Alves came the PSG’s hero in this match. If you score a winner, then your a hero and Alves did just that.

Besides that crucial goal, Alves did something else. He almost scored one of the goals of the season. It all happened after a corner kick.

It was a solid corner kick which went right into Alves’ boot. Despite the Brazilian missing initial volley, but he still got the possession of the ball. The problem was that Alves was turned with his back to the goal. Alves used all of his Brazilian skill that he has and made a brilliant overhead kick shot that was barely saved.

It would have been a brilliant goal, but the keeper made the save to prevent a certain goal.

Alves still scored (eventually), while PSG are running to another league title.


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