Video: Pep Guardiola showing some love to Raheem Sterling!

Pep Guardiola

Watch as Pep Guardiola shows some love and affection to Raheem Sterling during a Premier League match against West Brom!

Pep Guardiola showed his “mother” side to Rahem Sterling.

The match ended with a 3-0 win for City, who have capitalized on defeats to Chelsea and Manchester United, to move 15 points clear at the top. Not bad for Pep’s City, who is looking like walking themselves to a Premier League title.

It was a dominating match from City, who took an early lead and kept it till the end of the match.

West Brom couldn’t do much apart of picking the ball out of the net three times.

There was one really funny moment when camera caught Pep giving some “love and affection” to Raheem Sterling, who was having confidence problems. He gave him a hug and patted him on the back, like he was his mother and then Raheem moved on.

It was actually a very good performance from Sterling, who assisted two goals against West Brom. Still, everyone performed well against West Brom and City are rightfully 15 points clear at the top.


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