Video: Paul Pogba being depressed vs Newcastle!

Paul Pogba

Watch Paul Pogba being depressed against Newcastle United in a Premier League match!

Paul Pogba had a bad match as Newcastle surprisingly won.

It was a deserved win for Newcastle, who got a few controversial decisions going against them. They should have gotten a penalty, while United was lucky not to get player sent off.

United had a lot more chances to win this match, though. Alexis Sanchez had the best chance of the match, but he missed an empty goal.

Chris Smalling was one of the worst players on the pitch and performed one bizarre dive, and Pogba wasn’t that better either.

He was substituted in the middle of second half, as he also suffered a minor injury. Obviously, Pogba wasn’t happy with the whole thing and Cameraman noticed that. He made a small video of Pogba looking very depressed, before continuing showing the match.

United hasn’t been the same since Sanchez arrived.

Its hard to say that this is Sanchez’s fault, but the fact is that some players have became rather unhappy and Pogba is one of them. Its hard to say just what kind of long term effect is Sanchez arrival going to have at United, but so far it hasn’t been that great.

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