Video: Olivier Giroud got his head bandaged vs WBA!

Olivier Giroud

Watch as Olivier Giroud got his head bandaged against WBA in a Premier League match!

Olivier Giroud got his head injured, as he assisted Hazard against WBA.

At the moment, its 1-0 for Chelsea, who eventually came on top against WBA at the end of the first half.

They scored a deserved goal as WBA lost its composure form the beginning of the match.

Frankly, its been quite a strange match as there were two big injures in this match. The first one was to Daniel Sturridge, who lasted only 3 minutes against Chelsea. Basically, the former Liverpool man injured himself and had to leave the pitch.

The other big injury was to Olivier Giroud’s head. He got badly hurt while trying to get to a lovely pass from the right. Well, Chelsea took their time and bandaged former Arsenal’s striker head.

Other than that, its been a good performance from Giroud, who assisted Chelsea’s goal, with a lovely one-two pass.

Chelsea took the lead, while WBA will have to make something happen in the second half.

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