Video: Nabil Fekir denied a clear penalty vs Rennes!

Nabil Fekir

Watch as Nabil Fekir got denied a clear penalty against Rennes in Ligue 1 match!

Nabil Fekir went mental as Rennes won against Lyon.

The match ended in a 0-2 win for Rennes, which was very surprising. Lyon is one of those clubs that are right at the top, but they completely flopped against Rennes.

Although, Lyon did try everything possible, they just weren’t clinical in front of the goal. Comically, but Rennes only had three shots on goal and scored two goals, which means that they were clinical as they could have been.

There was one really controversial incident that would have changed the whole match.

Nabil Fekir somehow managed to get inside Rennes’ penalty area, where he was fouled quite clearly. It was all very obvious, with referee being really close. Well, for some weird reason referee didn’t award the penalty and he didn’t use VAR.

Replays showed that it should definitely be a penalty, so it was a big mistake from the referee to ruled out the whole thing.

If Lyon would have gotten a penalty there, they might have changed the whole match, but nothing happened. This result means that Lyon is stuck at 4th place, while PSG rules at the top.

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