Video: Dwight Gayle controversial penalty claim vs Manchester United!

Dwight Gayle

Watch as Dwight Gayle has a controversial penalty claim against Manchester United in a Premier League match!

Dwight Gayle should get a penalty as United is having problems with Newcastle.

Its still 0-0 between Newcastle and Manchester United, as neither of the teams could break the deadlock.

United were the better team, even had better chances, but Newcastle should have had a penalty.

Dwight Gayle was making his run and he was fouled right on the edge of the penalty area. Replays clearly showed that Chris Smalling made a foul as he tried to nick the ball off Gayle. Smalling didn’t touch the ball at all, which makes it a clear penalty foul.

Still, referees missed the incident and United got away with it.

There is still plenty of time in this match, but there’s a feeling that United will get all three points given the quality they have in their team.

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