Video: Daniel Sturridge gets injured after 3 minutes vs Chelsea!

Daniel Sturridge

Watch as Daniel Sturridge gets injured after just 3 minutes against Chelsea in a Premier League match!

Daniel Sturridge is really unlucky as no one has scored in this match.

Obviously its still 0-0 between Chelsea and West Brom, given that its still all very early.

Still, West Brom have been the more dangerous team, and already had two solid chances against Chelsea.

Daniel Sturridge arrived as an important player for West Brom in this January transfer window. Sturridge is one of the best English strikers at the moment, but he had incredible problems with injuries in the last couple of years.

Well, he proved that he is still very much injury prone, as he managed to injury himself after just 3 minutes against Chelsea. This was his second appearance for West Brom and it ended rather quickly and badly.

Despite that early injury, West Brom look full of confidence, while Chelsea look like they just want this season to end. There’s a lack of urgency and desire and they will have to show a lot more to win this match against West Brom.

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