Video: Cesc Fabregas controversial tackle vs West Brom!

Cesc Fabregas

Watch as Cesc Fabregas makes a controversial tackle inside his own penalty area against West Brom in a late Premier League match!

Cesc Fabregas got lucky, as Chelsea beat WBA.

Its 3-0 for Chelsea and the match is basically over. It would have to be some kind of miracle for West Brom to make a comeback.

Chelsea eventually dominated in this match and scored 3 goals against WBA. Its been a strange match that had two “big” injuries (Sturridge and Giroud).

Other than that, Hazard showed just why he is considered Chelsea’s best player. He scored two lovely goals which basically ended WBA in this match.

Still, this match could have gone completely the opposite way, if one decision would go against Chelsea.

West Brom started the match rather well and had one controversial situation in Chelsea’s penalty area.

Jay Rodriguez managed to get into a great position and took his shot. Now, his shot went wide, but Cesc Fabregas made a really clumsy tackle and hit Rodriguez’s foot. It should have been a penalty, but referee didn’t do anything.

It was a really controversial situation that could have totally changed this match.

Well nothing happened and Chelsea will win this match with ease.

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