Video: Alexis Sanchez epic open goal miss vs Newcastle United!

Alexis Sanchez

Watch as Alexis Sanchez made an epic open goal miss against Newcastle United in a Premier League match!

Alexis Sanchez made one terrible miss as Manchester flopped hard.

The match ended in a 1-0 defeat for Manchester United, who made another mistake in their hunt for the Premier League title this season.

It was (in a way) fair result as referees made some big mistakes in United favor. Like that penalty that should have been awarded, or that crazy high boot from Valencia.

United still dominated the match, and had quite a few clear cut chances. The best one of them all, was missed by Sanchez. The biggest earner in the Premier League managed to make an epic miss from a position that was so easy to score.

Sanchez somehow managed to get himself an open goal against Newcastle, but the problem was that he took too much time.

He should have taken a first touch shoot, but instead waited too long until the shot was blocked.

A terrible miss in a terrible match for United, who have all but conceded the Premier League title to their rivals, this season.

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