Video: Sergi Samper horror injury vs Eibar!

Sergi Samper

Watch as Sergi Samper suffers a horror injury against Eibar in La Liga match!

Sergi Samper was really unlucky and suffered a terrible injury.

Las Palmas and Eibar played out an interesting match that was in the end won by Eibar.

They manged to score two goals and conceded only one goal to win 1-2.

Although, it was an interesting match, it did have one really terrible moment, that cast a big shadow on the entire match.

Sergi Samper, who is on loan from Barcelona, tried to make a tackle, but it went horribly wrong. He strangely landed on his ankle. Its hard to say just what kind of injury it is, but Samper has probably broken his ankle, which is just horrible for a 22-year old.

Barca’s prospect will now face a lengthy timeout, but hopefully will recover from this horrible injury.

So, despite Barca getting a star man this evening, they are still going to be a bit upseat for losing one of the up and coming starts to a terrible injury.


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