Video: Regis Gurtner gets red card for horror tackle vs Kylian Mbappe!

Regis Gurtner

Watch as Amiens’ keeper Regis Gurtner gets a direct red card for horror tackle against Kylian Mbappe in French Cup!

Regis Gurtner made one crazy tackle, as PSG has taken the lead

Its surprising that PSG wasn’t able to score a goal for the first half, despite Amiens having only 10 players on the pitch.

Neymar scored the goal through penalty, but the most controversial was a red card for Amiens’ player.

Amiens keeper Regis Gurtner went rushing out when he saw Kylian Mbappe going alone and running to his penalty area. He went out and than made a crazy tackle that totally missed the ball and hit directly into Mbappe’s legs.

It was crazy as hell, as Gurner was obviously too slow. Referee made the only right choice and sent off Gurtner with a direct red card.

Luckily, nothing happened to Mbappe, but this could end a lot worse for France’s most perspective football player!

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