Video: Neymar with a perfect team goal vs Rennes!


Watch as Neymar scores a perfect team goal against Rennes in a French Cup match!

Neymar scored a stunning goal as PSG ran over Rennes.

Its the end of the first half and its already 0-4 for PSG. Yes, PSG has been so dominant.

Although, there is no Edinson Cavani, PSG still destroyed Rennes. Mbappe scored one goal, while Neymar scored two.

Brazilian’s second goal was especially special.

He got the ball on his side of the pitch. Made a run, than passed the ball to Di Maria, who passed the ball to Mbappe, who than passed the ball back to Neymar, who scored with ease.

It was a perfect team goal and definitely the best team goal of 2018. Sheer perfection of team play.

This goal has all but sealed Rennes fate in this match, as there is no chance that they will get back in this match, no matter what they will do.


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