Video: Neymar crazy celebration after scoring vs Amiens!


Watch as Neymar makes a crazy celebration after scoring a penalty goal against Amiens in French Cup!

Neymar made one crazy celebration as PSG won comfortably against Amiens.

The match ended only 0-2 for PSG, who had one player more on the pitch, for  the majority of the game. It was a deserved red card as Amiens’ keeper made a crazy tackle on Mbappe.

It was a deserved victory, as PSG scored through Neymar and Rabbiot. None of the goals was that great, but Brazilian still managed to outshine everyone else.

There was no particular skill, but after scoring a penalty goal against he made one really unique celebration. He took his shoe on his head and than paraded around. No one really knows why he made such a celebration, but he did.

This result means that PSG is unsurprisingly going forward in French Cup, while Amiens has ended its Cup competitions for this season, which is also unsurprisingly.

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