Video: Kieran Dowell controversial penalty goal vs Arsenal!

Kieran Dowell

Watch as Kieran Dowell scores a controversial penalty goal against Arsenal in FA Cup match!

Kieran Dowell scored a controversial penalty as Nottingham Forest secured a shocking win.

They did it!

The match ended 4-2 as Nottingham shockingly won against Arsenal. To be honest, this was nothing less they deserved, despite one very controversial moment.

Arsenal defense was just appalling, as they conceded two totally avoidable penalties, and conceded overall 4 goals against a team from the second league.

The most controversial moment happened when Nottingham had their second penalty of the match.

It definitely was a penalty, as Debuchy made a really reckless, clumsy and unnecessary tackle.

Controversial was the penalty itself. Kieran Dowell took the penalty kick, but slipped just before the kick and as it looks like, touched the ball twice to score a goal against Arsenal.

You can’t touch the ball twice when trying to score from the spot, so the goal should be ruled out, but the referee missed that.

Ref did go to linesman, but decided to give the goal anyway. This was a decisive decision that defeated Arsenal, but to be honest, Arsenal’s defense was so poor in this match, that it simply deserved a defeat.

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