Video: Gabriel Paulista crazy red card for handball and arguing vs Las Palmas!

Gabriel Paulista

Watch as Gabriel Paulista gets a crazy red card for handball and arguing against Las Palmas in La Liga!

Gabriel Paulista single-handedly defeated Valencia. Shame is that Paulista (former Arsenal player) plays for Valencia.

The match ended 2-1, as Las Palmas shockingly defeated Valencia.

Valencia took the lead, but Las Palmas soon equalized. Valencia did try to get a win, but they were beaten by their own man.

Paulista tried to block a shot, but the ball hit him right in his elbow, which was in unnatural position. To tell you the truth, it was a shitty call, but the yellow card and penalty was given.

Now, a normal player would calm himself down and than tried to score a goal with his teammates, but not Paulista. No, he went nuts and started arguing with the ref. This got him another yellow card, which got him sent off.

It was crazy from Gabriel, who should have kept cool, but basically defeated Valencia, as they had only 10 players on the pitch for the rest of the match.


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