Video: Federico Fernandez breaks his nose while celebrating vs Liverpool!

Federico Fernandez

Watch as Federico Fernandez breaks his nose while celebrating a goal against Liverpool in a Premier League match!

Federico Fernandez ended up unlucky as Swansea took a surprising lead.

Its 1-0 for Swansea, after first half. This is very surprising given that Swansea in the last team in the league, while Liverpool is 4th.

To be honest, it was a bad match for both teams. Liverpool tried to attack, but weren’t that great, while Swansea didn’t do anything, apart for the goal.

Strangely, but the goal came after a poor corner kick clearance, by non other than the most expensive defender in the world Virgil Van Dijk.

He basically assisted Swansea’s goal, which didn’t look good at all (at least not for Liverpool).

Anyway, when Swansea was celebrating their goal, Federico Fernandez got terribly injured. One of his teammates jumped on him, and Fernandez’ nose crashed into a teammate’s head. Fernandez broke his nose and had to be fixed by a Medic, before continuing the match.

So, Swansea took the lead and Fernandez got a broken nose. The match is far from over, though. Liverpool can easily turn this around, but will have tougher job to do, without Coutinho.