Video: Didier Ndong harsh red card for a tackle vs Cardiff!

Didier Ndong

Watch as Didier Ndong gets a very harsh red card for a tackle against Cardiff in Championship!

Didier Ndong got a controversial red card as Cardiff blow away Sunderland.

It ended 4-0 for Cardiff, as they really blew away Sunderland.

Although it was a deserved win for Cardiff, there was one controversial moment that changed the match into Cardiff’s favor.

Didier Ndogn was trying to get a ball and made a tackle on one of Cardiff’s players. He did managed to get the ball, but his foot awkwardly bounced off the pitch and into opponents foot.

It was completely unintentional and not that bad, but referee still showed Ndong a direct red card. This obviously changed the match as Cardiff scored three more goals to get a big win.

Cardiff is 3rd in the league, while Sunderland is dead last at 24th position. It was a bad decision in a very bad season for Sunderland, who will have to improve soon to avoid another relegation.


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