Video: Dele Alli gets yellow card for intentional kick on Alexis Sanchez!

Dele Alli

Watch as Dele Alli gets only a yellow card for intentional kick on Alexis Sanchez in a Premier League match!

Dele Alli got lucky as United flopped (hard).

Tottenham surprisingly won against United with a solid and easy 2-0 result. No one expected that Tottenham would have such an easy job against United, but they did.

Christian Eriksen’s very early goal and Phil Jones fantastic own goal, were enough for Tottenham’s win.

United didn’t have a lot of chances in this match. They had semi-chances and one controversial decision involving Son, going against them, but that was all they had.

United simply gave up at around 70th minute, as they simply didn’t know what to do. They were all over the place and were lucky that Tottenham didn’t score more goals.

Sanchez probably played the worst match of this season, as he looked lost and confused. Despite that, Dele Alli should have gotten a red card for an intentional kick on him.

Sanchez was way over on United’s side of the pitch and he tried to pass the ball. Well, Alli was right behind him and took a kick right into Sanchez’s leg.

A really crazy foul, which got only a yellow card.

Dele Alli got lucky, but United certainly didn’t. This defeat means that City escaped United for another three points, signaling the end of the race for the Premier League.


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